M.A.I.L.  Maille Artisans International League
This site is serious business, with LOTS of online tutorials and a dizzying number of samples weaves submitted by members. These Renaissance Fair and Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) folks take making chain maille very seriously. On this site, the tutorials are listed at the top of the page, after you click on the category, and then the sample weaves fill several pages below the tutorials.

Ganoskin – Jewelry Resource
Click on “Jewelry Making Articles” at the top of the page or on “Tip’s From the Jeweler’s Bench” to find a wealth of interesting articles. If you have a question about some aspect of jewelry making, search for information in the whole Orchid archive, or just in the tips section. Want more? Go to the orchid site and subscribe to start received information posted to the forum:

The Ring Lord
Metal Designz
Two Canadian suppliers of all sorts of rings, including silver and anodized (colored) niobium rings in an assortment of sizes.

Spider sells jewelry, kits, instructional DVD’s, books, and rings, including silver, gold-filled, and anodized niobium. She has some charming designs and is a true chain maille addict, so there is LOTS of information on her websites. Check out the “custom work” gallery!

Desiree’s Desired Creations
Desiree McCrorey gives a good, in depth, description of how to use the Koil Kutter that Kevin Potter produces